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Star Supernaturals
Who believe in ghosts,spirits,demons,angels,vampires,horror stories etc etc can join

Group Founder: m.k.s
Description: Who believe in ghost,spirit,vampire,demons,horror stories,angels,nd other supernatural things etc etc can join
Group Type: Public join
Members: 287
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Spirituality

Topics (50)

go True ghost story (5) chisbel
go need a spell (7) attain
go Am i a vampire? (9) ashkan11
go 2012 (9) mrgudnte
go IS SHAMBALA REAL? (1) maria1w
go Vampires (4) katarina
go Ouija Boards (11) maria1w
go Ghosts (13) roxy65
go Hav u seen (37) m.k.s
go Mother god n father god. (2) lovgirl7
go UNICORNS (7) maria1w
go Witch (10) m.k.s
go Pyramids of the world (2) maria1w
go Demigod or wat? (13) chisbel
go Angels and Unicorns (2) gemst1

Polls (1)

go what is your fav tv show?

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